How to communicate with my team effectively during remote working

Pay attention to digital solutions that facilitate remote working. Nowadays remote working is so much more flexible and easy thanks to all the fantastic digital tools and opportunities by machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and so on. It’s senseless not to use them in your favor. Unfortunately, in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown, many businesses went bankrupt and one of the biggest reasons was the un-readiness for remote working, inability to manage teams, and come up with alternatives. In contrast, those who overcame these challenges discovered even new ways of doing business.

Top 4 steps by CodeRiders to become successful in software outsourcing

A software outsourcing company can either make or break your business. Software outsourcing is extremely beneficial indeed. However, choosing the right software vendor that can hold an effective and simple software development process or software development lifecycle (SDLC) is equally crucial.

There are several approaches to the software development process and each depends on the type of co-operation or clients’ requirements. At CodeRiders, we have defined the most effective software outsourcing engagement models and easily suggest one of them to our clients after discussing their expectations out of the project. …

Tips to rebuild your economy in the post COVID crisis

“Fortunately, our business has not suffered because of the Covid pandemic, as we were able to quickly switch to remote work. This example showed us that it is very important to have the possibility of mobility, necessary equipment, and appropriate software. We plan to enlarge our team, by adding new skilled professionals to it and expand our presence in the software development community. Our experience shows that our long-term planning was done correctly, and we will keep growing following our initial strategy and vision.” Zaven Ter-Stepanyan, Director of Business Development at CodeRiders Software Outsourcing Company.

CodeRiders’ Director of Business…

Asking the right questions to your software vendor is important for successful software outsourcing

Hiring the right software development team is the foundation of your success. The software outsourcing process is like a pyramid where the base maintains the whole poise of it.

Going through the list of top software outsourcing companies is not enough. Identifying whether a specific vendor is a good fit for your project is a must. This process is possible through fruitful discussions.

A huge percent of software outsourcing failures comes from the misunderstandings and miscommunications of the two parties. …

Babken Darbinyan of CodeRiders offshore software Development Company speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of SQL and NoSQL development

We continue the series of interviews with CodeRiders’ software developers. This time we interviewed one of our Senior Software Developers Babken Darbinyan. He will speak about:

SQL domain-specific language

The advantages and disadvantages of SQL

Difference between SQL and NoSQL

Share his personal story

Babken has passed a long journey with CodeRiders. As many of our followers know, our software outsourcing company was initially established as a software development school in 2013. In just a year the school gave more than 800 alumni and Babken was among the 15 alumni that formed CodeRiders Software Development House…

List of the top offshore software development companies by TopDevelopers

CodeRiders is a favorite international software vendor for many highly ranked directories and review platforms in the world. Our software outsourcing team has been recently included among 2021 May’s Best Custom Software Development Companies by TopDevelopers.Co. Our hard work, concentration, high-quality service, and satisfied customer reviews paved the way to international recognition and constantly hiring developers from our software development agency. The company is recognized among the best software outsourcing companies in the information technology industry by many other tech directories such as:

DesignRush — Top Software Development Companies

GoodFirms — Best Tech Service and Solution Providers


CodeRiders has been listed among the top Armenian software outsourcing companies in a number of categories by BestStartup.Asia. The decision was made based on the companies’ good reputation along with the well-known and trustworthy awards, directories, case studies, and testimonials. Here are some of those categories where we are mentioned among the leading software vendors.

13 Top Armenian Web Development Companies and Startups of 2021

18 Top Armenian Mobile Apps Companies and Startups of 2021

28 Top Armenian Apps Companies and Startups of 2021

41 Top Armenian Software Companies and Startups of 2021

12 Top…

CodeRiders provides PHP development services and is appreciated by TechReviewer

CodeRiders has been recognized by a research and analytics agency as a Top PHP Development Company in 2021. CodeRiders has already been appreciated by a number of authoritative rating platforms, international awards such as EuroAsian Startup Awards, GoodFirms, TopDevelopers, DesignRush, and more.

CodeRiders has a wide variety of tech stacks as well as a huge talent pool. As the company was originally established back in 2013 as a software development school. In just a year, the school gave more than 800 alumni, the best 15 out of which formed CodeRiders Software Development Company. They have passed a long journey…

A reliable software vendor selection is crucial to guarantee the security of your custom software

Technology is very much a part of our lives, especially now. Most, if not all, businesses have been heavily relying on technology for different needs, and everything has been more fast-paced and efficient. However, along with the technological advancements, there are corrupt people who take advantage of these advancements to manipulate and illegally obtain money by creating malware.

Malware of different types has been compromising very important data as early as the 1970s. The first recorded virus was the Wabbit virus, created in 1974, which multiplies itself until it eventually causes the computer to start crashing.

Since then, malware continues…

Choose trending programming languages before hiring developers

Programmers often use more than one language on a daily basis — depending on the needs of a project they are working on. Year by year new programming languages are becoming demanded, hence to stay relevant programmers must keep up to date with trends and shifts in the programming industry.

As we advance to 2021, it is a good time to update skills and learn something new. CodeRiders made a list of the top 5 languages that will rule the programming world this year. The list is based on the predictions of CodeRiders experts.


PHP is among the most…


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