Top 10 Achievements of CodeRiders in 2020

10 achievements of CodeRiders software development house in 2020

People are thrilled to say au revoir to 2020. Many of us, look forward to the new year with new aspirations and faith in positive shifts. We, at CodeRiders software development house, also pin our hopes on new exciting events. On this pragmatic note, we want to sum up 2020 and recall our top 10 achievements this year.

Please don’t hasten to scroll over this article, I’ve jotted down this article to be more informative with useful details and guidance about software development trends and IT predictions for 2021. I’ll share our own experience and case studies, meantime give ideas for your business development plan.

So what are our 10 most significant achievements in 2020 as a custom software development house and how did we get here.

1. We became the most efficient software development company by

It’s always such a pleasure to be appreciated both by clients, notable directory, and review platforms of B2B IT service providers or well-respected, honorable awards. Luckily, we also had a chance to reap the fruits of success. One of CodeRiders’ achievements was to be included in a press release of the most efficient software development companies by We want to thank for the appreciation and we’re all set for new accomplishments.

Throughout the scope of our 7 years of experience in the international custom software development industry, we’ve managed to work for multiple industries and never failed in providing quality services. Clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority thus besides providing quality services we hold on to software development maintenance and support. We believe that time is precious and automation should save it. If you’re looking for custom software development innovations in a particular industry, I suggest checking the below articles.

The importance of EdTech

Innovative software solutions in FinTech

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Besides learning about custom software development innovations, we’ll also get to some IT predictions for the future.

Custom software development innovations

2. We are nominated for Global Startup awards

CodeRiders was honored to be awarded as “Best Software Development Partner” in 2019 by EuroAsian Startup Awards. Now it’s time to take part in the Global Startup Awards which will take place virtually (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) at the beginning of 2021. We are nominated in the category of “People’s Choice — Startup”. To help us win the award, you can vote for us here, just by searching our name or choosing Armenia as a country (we are the only participant from Armenia).

The goal of EASA is to filter out the most efficient software development companies across the world, make a list of local industry game-changers and promote them towards their journey to international expansion. The selected companies are given a chance to enlarge their global network of experts, cooperates, media, and investors, meantime sustain custom software development trends. The regional finalists are automatically transferred to the Global Startup Awards which is the world’s largest no-pitch, non-conference startup competition. It partners with globally recognized industry experts and investors such as Google and Microsoft.

3. We went remote in March and created a combination of comfort and efficiency

Due to the widely spread COVID-19 pandemic and the massive lockdown, team CodeRiders went remote in March 2020. The atmosphere in our workplace has always been very comfy and friendly as besides being colleagues all the team members are closely connected (childhood friends, family members, etc.), thus it was a little hard for the staff to go remote. Nevertheless, this didn’t disturb the strict discipline and serious approach to the job. Moreover, we filed a business development plan and an initial IT prediction plan that helped us operate productively during remote working.

On the other hand, if we look at the situation from the professional point of view, shifting to remote working wasn’t huge stress for the staff. The thing is we’re based in Armenia, but throughout the 7 years of our professional experience, we only worked for the international market. We worked with the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia. We communicated with all of our partners remotely (sometimes traveled to meet them personally as well). We have been using various methodologies and tools like Trello, Agile, Slack, Kanban, and others, and always hold daily/weekly calls for reporting.

Due to our inner tactics of staff regulation, we attain productive partnership. For more information about effective co-operations with CodeRiders software development company and a quick consultation send us your project details via the Contact us page.

CodeRiders software development house goes remote

As staff communication and a friendly atmosphere are of a high priority for us, we sometimes try to fill in the gap of physical distance by video calls, remote chitchatting, and coffee breaks. There are 2 assets that I think make CodeRiders software development house different from other companies.

First, all the team members are close friends (even childhood), share family ties as well. Many professionals will doubt this working strategy with an argument of less discipline and unattained business development plan. The good thing is we deal with this quite well, and use it in our favor. All the team members share the same motto and passion for the company’s prosperity. Not only do we manage to keep a strict routine, but we also remove the frigid approach to the company and its tasks, which sometimes becomes one of the serious hardships in the businesses.

CodeRiders software development company was initially established as a software development school. In just a year, the school gave more than 800 alumni, the best out of which have become today’s medium and senior developers. Other students are successfully operating in the IT industry and are competent professionals. We still keep in touch with our alumni and have a large pool of experts. For example, in 2019, we welcomed one of our previous students to our team. So whenever there is a need for more professionals, we’re capable of inviting qualified experts to our team or to work on a one-time specific project.

4. We gave a start to the development process of our application, which will enter the market next year

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